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PriceChopper: Yet Another Prime Piece of Nob Hill Real Estate

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Today a penthouse at 1201 California, which is just two blocks up the road from the $7,250,000 condo and the sad PriceChopper , took a chop of $180,000, bringing it down to the totally understandable and pocket change price of $2,395,000. The unit is a 2-bed, 2-bath, 2,257 square foot mega penthouse. Let's take a look around, yes? This trophy penthouse has one of the most insane and intricate coffered ceilings that this here blogger has ever seen in San Francisco, and that's a fact. The architectural detailing for each room is so specific and ornate that it honestly makes our head spin. Can you even imagine lounging around in your sweatpants in this place? Or just trying to cook up some Ramen when you're too hungover to ask the help for help? The unit has a monthly HOA fee of $2,801.57, but it should be noted that (according to the realtor) a major reduction of 30% in the monthly HOA dues is planned for January 2010. So, you want this unit? Got the chump change handy? That's not good enough. Any interested buyer has to go through an interviewing process and then the board has to approve of you and your kooky lifestyle and college choice and sexual orientation and all sorts of other things that aren't anyone's business. Best not to wear your Burning Man gear to your interview, you know?
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