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Quiet Pot Farmers Attract Undesirable Element to Sunset

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It's been hard to miss lately: Sunset residents getting harassed by police and DEA agents. And now, even worse: reporters. The Chronicle wags the biggest finger, which makes sense since that's how old people generally react to hard-core drugs like pot. The Gate's Michael Catantuan calls them "less wholesome denizens," ouch!

But who's telling the pot growers' side of things? Well, no one. The cops are all too happy to talk to the press, but so far nobody's really spoken to growers. Or maybe the growers aren't talking. It's hard to say!

All we know is that the story's not getting out. Are they Sunset residents, or driving in from somewhere else? And how's business over there in the fog -- how many Sunsetters have been availing themselves of the fresh product? And what about the cops' claim that growing pot raises the murder rate -- how's the murder rate in the Sunset been lately? Or the cops' other claim that they found "suspected" meth in one of the raids -- how'd the turn out?

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