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On the Market: Bringing Funkytown to Miraloma Park

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447 Teresita is a 3-bed, 1-bath, 1,250 square foot single-family home in Miraloma Park. It's been on the market for 35 days and was just chopped from $799,000 to $779,000. Now that we got the boring stuff out of the way can we please focus our attention on the interiors? Hello, they are awesome. Who wants to go with us to this place and have a John Hughes or Pee-wee Herman marathon while we take Jello shots or have an all-you-can-eat Pop-Tarts buffet? It's so Funkytown. The weird sculpted wall art, the wannabe Eames LCW dining chairs, the tacky brass chandeliers, the Zebra painting in the bathroom... this place is madness! With that said, they need to move the current owner out and hire a nice and plain and boring stager to come in and beige the place over. Blandness! It's what helps sell a home.
· 447 Teresita [Redfin]