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On the Market: Deal of the Week

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Dear readers, how often do we talk about the mind-boggling prices of San Francisco residential real estate? People plopping down cash in the high eight figures for a square box in residential tower that has a couple grand in HOA fees each month (although that transaction is a rarity these days). It truly blows our mind. So imagine our delight when we stumbled upon this little gem of a piece of property. It's a 1-bed, 1-bath TIC Flat in the Haight. Sure, it's on the ground floor, but it *is* on Masonic Ave between Waller and Frederick Streets, so the noise can't be that bad, right? When we lived in a lovely house on lovely Page Street (at Shrader) we nearly lost all of our marbles, the noise was out of control. Especially on a Friday or Saturday night when the hooligans of Haight Street would skip a block over and pee on our doorstep or smash bottles onto our sidewalk. But we digress. This flat is perfection, hands down. Great for a single person or tidy couple, most definitely. The ornate architectural detailing, the whole airiness of the space, even the bathroom is bitchin.' And the location! Close to transport and parks. And its price? $349,000. That's it. We're trying to find the flaws of this place, but we can't. Any help here? Bueller? Is this the perfect San Francisco apartment for a young thing who's looking to buy their first piece of property?
· 1333 Masonic [Redfin]