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Examiner Writer Discovers Helpful New Source: CTRL-C

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Has anyone else noticed that the design & architecture correspondent for one of the Examiners has been on a bit of a tear lately, with a seemingly-nonstop series of articles about SF building styles? This lady's prolific! Most recently, she posted a piece about the Yerba Buena Center building -- did you know it was inspired by a German style of temporary art installation? Actually, wait, yes; that information does sound strangely familiar. Maybe it's because large parts of her Examiner article appear to have been lifted verbatim and without attribution from YBCA's website. Whoops! Similarly, the same Examiner author seems to have copypasted a press release, and also another unattributed blurb from a paragraph on SPUR's site. Oh well. At least she isn't making news up, like her colleagues!