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Pricechopper: Bad News for Mint Plaza

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Was: $815,000
Then: $799,000
Now: $769,000
You Save: $46,000
The horror! More fancy condos are taking hits. Today a 2-bedroom, 1-bath condo located on the 6th floor of the Hales Warehouse just took another chop, bringing it down to $46,000 less than they originally wanted for it. We've toured these condos, and we've got to say (but hate to say it)... they're some of our favorite, aesthetically speaking. It's those damned acid-stained concrete floors and stainless steel soaking tubs (with windowless bathrooms, ugh). We want. What we don't want: $728.26 HOA dues to pay on a monthly basis. Also: the smell of urine drifting into our apartment. The expensive monthly costs of living goes towards things like maintaining the roof deck, hot tub, and gym, and concierge service (blah blah blah). Regardless of the chops, we can't figure out if this is a score. What do you think, dear readers?
· 410 Jessie [Redfin]