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UN Plaza to be Touched by Foreigners

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Since its closure in 2007, the old-timey building at 50 UN Plaza has been taken over by creeps, weirdos, and caterwauling. But a rehabilitation of the property is in the works, so those creepy weirdos may soon need to find someplace new to hang out. (Hint: Chris Daly's district.)

The re-vitalization (or, perhaps more appropriately, vitalization) isn't without some controversy, alas: the $121 million project will be overseen by Berkeley’s ELS and London’s Foster + Partners. London! As in, England! As in, where all the gay people go when they're not in San Francisco! Predictably, San Franciscan firms are pissed that a foreign firm won the prize: "You have very well-qualified firms in the city with experience in San Francisco historic preservation,” says Hornberger + Worstell's Martin Bovill. Well, yes, he would say that, wouldn't he?

It's not clear yet how the property will be adapted, but it'll have to be something appropriately historical, AS ALWAYS.

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