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That's Rather Stainless: Shiny in SoMA

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We love ourselves a nice stainless steel appliance, we really do. And we also understand that a "chef's kitchen" can be a deal maker when potential home owners search for properties. But how much is too much? 38 Lusk has hit the market with an asking price of $1,4999,999. One of the selling points is the nearly all stainless kitchen. The kitchen has a dash of Carrera marble and semi-transparent glass, but aside from that, all stainless. Do you like it? We like it. We'd want to host a Top Chef dinner party in it. Or perhaps spill a jar of tomato sauce all over it so that we can swoon at how easily we can just wipe it right off. We'd also like to recommend that the realtor throw in a gallon sized whatever of WD-40, so that late night snacking won't be a squeaky nightmare that will wake up the whole neighborhood.
· 38 Lusk [Redfin]