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Kids Learn Safe Riding on Urban Bike Trails

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The YMCA and SF Urban Riders held a bike camp last week, training kids to ride safely on urban trails.Hooray for giving kids the opportunity to develop their bike skills; and hooray for awesome urban bike trails through the woods. SF Urban Riders is up for a grant from Nike -- go ahead and toss 'em a vote.

Which reminds us: how much longer do we have to wait for that bike injunction to be lifted, so the city can resume programs like installing trails and holding classes? Not much longer now; the Board of Supes votes next month, and then we just have to wait for the city to ask a court to lift the injunction. Of course, new obstacles may emerge: local complainers Mary Miles and Catherine Liddell have both filed appeals to try to prevent bike construction, probably because they hate the thought of children enjoying themselves in public parks.
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