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Rumor Mill: Margarido Headed to Auction House

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Last night a little birdie told us that the Margarido house is fixin' to get auctioned off. And not the bad auction, either. Christie's kind of auction. Starting bid? $4,500,000. For those not in the know, the Margarido house in Oakland's Rockridge district was the first home in Northern California to receive a LEED-H Platinum rating, the highest you can get. It clocks in at 4,700 square feet of pure, sustainable goodness. Like a living roof, solar panels, permeable paving, rain water reclamation tanks, solar thermal hot water, recycled concrete and glass counters, LED lighting, zero VOC paints, etc, etc, etc! All the bells and whistles you'd expect from a home of that stature. And the rumor is being whispered all over the place. Another little birdie told us that a bay area "professional athlete" is already eying the property. [Curbed Wire]