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On the Market: No Surface Left Untouched in Duboce Triangle

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Holy smokes, have we got some real estate madness for you, interior wise. This 2-bed, 1-bath TIC flat has just hit the market with an asking price of $679,000. Everything is fine and good. Edwardian building, private garden, your own parking spot. But man: who is currently living there? And can they invite us over for dinner? To say the place is delightfully cluttered with all sorts of artifacts would be an understatement. Most would probably label it as a shitshow, but we think the kooky and eclectic person or persons who spent the time to decorate did an alright job, if you're into that. We can imagine ourselves drinking Absinthe (it's legal now!) and watching Alice in Wonderland on mute here. But seriously, if you've got a knack for collecting while traveling and have limited space, what do you do? Store in all in boxes? We think this house is a big, crazed, freaky WIN.
· 254 Castro [Redfin]