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PriceChopper: Downtown F*** Pad

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Was: $2,349,000
Now: $2,099,000
You Save: $250,000
Forgive us for the harsh title, but c'mon! Just look at that bedroom! Silk upholstered headboard, deep red (the color of passion!) walls. After two months on the market the penthouse at the Odeon just got chopped down to $2,099,000. The deets: 3-bed, 2-bath, 2,516 square foot fancy smancy penthouse. The monthly HOA fee is $862. The building has been described as having an "NY style urban settting," whatever that means. The unit is pimped out and glossed over, making it perfect for whichever ladies man decided to bite the bullet and give the seller an offer. We expect another chop.
· 181 Ofarrell [Redfin]