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Port of Oakland Threatened by Disastrously Clean Air

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Oh no! The Port of Oakland is getting an opportunity to reduce emissions and clean up East Bay air! This is terrible! That's according to an angry editorial in a trucking industry trade publication. Clean air is too expensive, say its enemies, who claim that proposed environmental regulations could drive up to 40% of the business to elsewhere on the continent. (Good luck sending cargo ships to Nebraska.) But a sort-of compromise seems to have been reached: $22 million in federal subsidies to truckers who want to green-up their trucks.

Instead of making truckers shoulder the full burden, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is making grants available -- up to $50,000 per vehicle -- to install new filters. (So far, nobody has explained to our satisfaction how it could cost $50,000 to install a filter.) Hurry up, though -- after January 1, 2010, old dirty trucks will be barred from entering the port.

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