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PriceChopper: The Sad State of The Palms

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Was: $559,000
Then: $535,000
Then: $499,000
Then: $485,000
Then: $465,000
Now: $445,000
You Save: $114,000
Originally sold for $598,000 back in 2007, this 1-bed, 1-bath 694 square foot unit at the Palms just keeps taking chop after chop. Imagine that, folks. You buy a condo and then can't sell it a few years later for $153,000 less. Seriously, try to imagine that. The unit comes with a monthly HOA fee of $469.82 that goes towards funding amenities like a 24-hour door staff, concierge, security, freakin' yoga studio, etc, etc. Oh, and a "Lounge Room." This listing is just another sad example of our failing high-end residential condo lovin' market. What do we think? Will it take another chop? Or will someone finally bite?
· 555 4th [Redfin]