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Permacult Accepting New Members

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Our post yesterday about permaculture (which is basically really intense gardening) generated some interest, so we figured we'd mention that there are some classes on the subject coming up. It's $750, or $600 if you blog about it, which makes it the best-paying freelance writing gig in the Bay Area right now; and the classes happen in September, October, and November.

We're still not fully sold on this thing. To us, it just looks like some really dedicated hobbyists, which is great! We're wholeheartedly in favor of having a good time getting your hands dirty and conjuring plums. But to hear these people talk, they're saving the planet; and although we are very fond of the planet (as The Tick says, it's where we keep all our stuff) we're not sure that many people will ever feel the need to spend hours and hours tilling soil. Unless there's an apocalypse of some sort. Here's hoping!
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