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PriceChopper: Choppity Chop in Noe Valley

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Was: $1,250,000
Then: $1,190,000
Now: $1,150,000
You Save: $100,000
Ah, yes. And now for your daily dose of PriceChopping. Today's listing is a 4-bed, 2-bath single-family home in Noe Valley that was just chopped down to $1,150,000. Clearly the owners of the house sunk all their architectural and decorative hooplala cash into the main level, as it's the one with the dramatic (and might we add beautiful) vaulted ceiling, contemporary marble fireplace, kitchen (that's a little too borderline Shabby Chic for our taste) with fancy stainless steel appliances, and nice and simple oak hardwood flooring. Shoot downstairs and it's all white carpet and beige bathroom tiles. Funtastic! Consistency, people, it's what helps sell a home, especially in this god forsaken market!
· 435 Beacon [Redfin]