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EcoBlitz Wags Finger in Richmond

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The Dept of Public Works has declared war on unsightliness! Their "EcoBlitz" program has, for the last two years, sent regular patrols along commercial corridors to issue warnings and tickets for garbage-related offenses. And the program continues -- most recently, the patrol hit Geary & Ocean. Dirty sidewalks and improperly placed trash cans seem to be among the top offenses.

The EcoBlitz ruffled a few feathers a few months ago, when they cracked down on chewing gum on the sidewalk. Merchants freaked out, the DPW soothed a few hurt feelings, and everyone moved on to the next atroctiy. Such is the rhythm of life in San Francisco.

If you'd like to be prepared, the EcoBlitz schedule can be found here -- oh no wait! It can't anymore! They took the schedule down. Or failed to update it. Or something. Oh, San Francisco infosys, when is someone going to issue a warning and tickets to you?

- City Threatens Over Sidewalk Gum [An Examiner]