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PriceChopper: St. Regis Hacked to Pieces

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Was: $5,800,000
Now: $4,800,000
You Save: $1,000,000
The poor, sad condos of the St. Regis Residences. Listed back in February with an asking price of $5,800,000, this 3-bed, 2.5-bath 2,500 square foot condo on the 31st floor has just axed off one million clams, bringing it down to the totally cheap and completely reasonable price of $4,800,000. Huge chops aren't foreign to the St. Regis. It's the same residential tower that houses the $50,000,000 penthouse which was originally listed for $70,000,000. This particular condo has a lot more bells and whistles than its neighboring units, like one of the most impressive and tricked out foyers we've ever seen in a San Francisco condo. With all the said, $4.8M is still a huge chunk of change for a 3-bedroom apartment, regardless of whether or not it's got "decorative painting installations" and a damned bat cave. We don't expect a lot of offers on this one.
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