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PriceChopper: Fanciful Living on Nob Hill

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Was: $1,750,000
Now: $1,195,000
You Save: $555,000
This 1-bed, 1.5-bath, 1,300 square foot Nob Hill penthouse has been sitting on the market for over a year and has just given itself a nice and hefty chop of $555,000, bringing down its asking price to $1,195,000. The unit has a wonky property history, but considering that it sold for $1,460,000 in 2000 it makes us wonder how sad the current owner must be about its big chop. Imagine that, folks, you can't even flip your property (and in fact are taking a hit) after you've lived in it for 8 years. And it's a penthouse! In one of the city's most prestigious neighborhoods! In a Beaux-Arts building! Perhaps it's the $2,336 monthly HOA fee? The unit has all the types of things you'd expect from a penthouse in Nob Hill: door person, wine cellar, nearby bus stop, incredible view, large terraces on three sides, etc, etc, etc. Choppity, chop, people. That's the new residential real estate scene.
· 1001 California [Redfin]