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Construction Halted: Fifty Year Old Library is "Historic"

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Demolition of the old Ortega Library to make room for the new one (which looks oddly similar to the new water pumping station on Twin Peaks) has hit a quintessentially San Franciscan roadblock: a permit appeal! Let it never be said that any construction project can move forward in this town until every single goddamn person on Earth has filed a grievance. The problem this time, apparently, is that the old library is too historic to demolish. It's fifty years old. Yeah. Historic.

The new library -- once built -- will be impressive: a big Program Room, lots of facilities for children and families, and one of those living roof dealies that everyone's nuts about these days. The community's been working on the project since 2003, so it's a little demoralizing to have it held up now -- especially because it means that it'll be opening even later in the school year than originally thought. But supporters are not without recourse: they're encouraged to voice their support at a Board of Appeals hearing on Wednesday, August 5th at 5:00pm at City Hall, Room 416.

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