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On the Market: Traditional Living in Ashbury Heights

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173 Downey has undergone an extensive green remodel that would have any environmental enthusiast swooning. Before we get to that let's talk facts: it's a 5-bed, 3.5-bath single-family home that clocks in at 3,150 square feet and with a listing price of $2,565,000, which isn't unbelievably high considering the historic relevance and interior finishes. Now on to the environmental features that make this house special. In addition to the solar panels (that could potentially house extra energy in a generator that could then be used to power the neighborhood in the off chance that there's a black out), the house also has a slew of earth-friendly interior finishes like reclaimed hardwood flooring, low to no-VOC paints, and locally sourced stoned tiles. Oh, and there's a 500 bottle wine cellar.
· 173 Downey [Redfin]