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Dept of Public Works Embedding $1.3 Million in PDF Documents Along Van Ness

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Listen, city agencies. Stop putting your shit in PDF. We want to write posts about all the great things the Dept of Public Works is doing on Van Ness: the landscaping, the collaboration with other agencies, the community input. But when you lock the details away in your stupid PDFs, it's hard to download images; it's hard to copy text to get an accurate quote; and it's just plain irritating. SO STOP IT.

Anyway. We love what you're up to on Van Ness. According to your fucking PDF, you're installing new planters, decorative paving, and ornamental rails. And you're collaborating with neighbors such as the Veterans Building, the Ballet, City Arts and Lectures, the Arts Commission, Lighthouse for the Blind, the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association, Muni, and the Bus Rapid Transit project. That's great.

But the part that we love the most? That it'll cost $1.3 million to spruce up the street from Market to McAllister. Good thinking, stopping before you got into the Tenderloin! No point landscaping that sow's ear, amirite? Anyway, we can't wait to see the result -- at a cost of about $61 per inch, we expect to be dazzled.

- Van Ness Avenue Enhancements Project [SF DPW]

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