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Sewer Honcho Implores You to Think of the Children

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How 'bout that sewer rate increase! A few weeks ago, your water and sewer bill crept up by about thirty-two cents a day. (We searched the news, but couldn't find any articles about this. Enjoy your early retirement, journalists!) In a new video, Ed Harrington (General Manager of the SF PUC) explains that the rate hike is for a good cause: apparently, clean drinking water and sewage treatment is important. Well, he would say that. (Tip: skip to fifteen seconds in to see Ed's impression of Troy McClure.)

You can peruse more proposed hikes in your sewer rates on the PUC's site, and also run your water consumption through a bill calculator. Future increases are not insubstantial: someone paying $40 a month now will pay about $70 a month in 2013. It's a tough time to be in the decorative water-fountain business.

· Water Sculpture Walk-Thru [YouTube]
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