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Pricechopper: Relive the 80's on Russian Hill

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Was: $1,920,000
Then: $1,800,000
Then: $1,628,000
Then: $1,595,000
Then: $1,498,000
Now: $1,386,000
You Save: $534,000
999 Green, home to plenty of condos that we will describe as "scary" and "not ordinary." This particular unit is a sad, butchered case. 5 chops! Which brings her down to $1,386,000, $534,000 less than her owner(s) originally wanted. You'd assume she'd be a steal (just kidding): 2-bed, 2-bath corner unit that spreads out over 1,300 square feet in a notable Russian Hill building. But let's be honest here, the 1980's interiors have got to go. Glass blocks, marble flooring throughout, and that kitchen ceiling... it's time for a remodel. But perhaps the real deal breaker is not so much the dated interiors, but the $9,999 HOA monthly fee. Not a typo, folks. $9,999 HOA fees.
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