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Get Ready to Pump

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Stop the presses! A new pumping station is coming to town! Construction on the Vista Francisco Pump Station up on Twin Peaks starts this month, and will involve all the exciting construction that gets our hearts, well, pumping: Demolition of an old building! Sprinkler systems! One-hundred-Kva generators! Hydropneumatic tanks! Security fencing and monitoring! Disinfection! All of these things would make excellent names for a band.

One of the most thrilling details about the station is that it's being built to remain functional in the aftermath of a cataclysm. Take that, cataclysms! It will also support something called the "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition project," which is basically a bunch of clever automation that will eventually render human pumpers obsolete. So, get your pumping in now while the pumping's good.
· Project: Vista Francisco Pump Station Upgrades [SF PUC]