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Pricechopper: Industrial Fancy in SoMA

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Was: $2,300,000
Now: $1,995,000
You Save: $305,000
This 3-bed, 2.5-bath loft in the Lighthouse Lofts building is one of the only truly industrial lofts left in San Francisco. What we mean when we say that is that it was actually converted from a commercial space and still has the bones of the building. More often than not the lofts of SoMA are just cookie cutter stucco and Pergo white boxes. I hear a fog horn, booooring. But of course, you better get originality and authenticity when you're paying $1,995,000 for a piece of property, right? And that's in addition to the hefty $1,225 HOA monthly fee. This loft has all sorts of architectural features that actually scare the crap out of us, especially if we'd ingested a few martinis from the downstairs wet bar. For instance, the entire lofted area is only accessible via suspended catwalks that hang from the 18' concrete ceilings. And that master bathroom: how many levels is it exactly? We'd break a damn ankle trying to get around this place in our mandatory 4" stilettos. The big ol' semi-transparent sliding screens "adjust to define different spaces," and the loft is also wired for sound and has fancy smacy (that makes us swoon) Lutron lighting. Oh, and fun fact: this loft is the merger of 3 lofts.
· 1097 Howard [Redfin]