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San Francisco Schedules Profitable Mayhem

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San Francisco! It's the new Hollywood. Just kidding, we aren't even close! Starting Wednesday, NBC Universal is set to start filming scenes for a show called Trauma, which has been described as having "an adrenaline shot to the heart." They'll start in North Beach (Caffe Trieste is one of the locations) and then proceed to drive an out-of-control car through a fake street fair on Justin Herman Plaza. Possibly annoying for us normals and our commutes, sure, but at least the city will get boo-coo bucks for letting them use our precious landmarks. There's 12 episodes and each one requires about eight days of shooting, so explosions and gun fights will now be a regular thing around San Francisco, oh wait! They already are! Chuckle. San Francisco is expected to receive about $3 million per episode. [SF Examiner]