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Glen Park Getting a Bit of a Facelift

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Have you been to Glen Park recently? Or perhaps we should phrase that differently: were you aware that there is a neighborhood of San Francisco called "Glen Park"? It's true! We have no idea who lives there (although plenty of people seem to die there), but apparently it's enough that it's starting to get crowded, and folks are starting to talk about prettying up the joint.

You can read all the little details in the Planning Dept's PDF (boo!), and you could spend hours reading up on the background in this PDF, this PDF, or this PDF (boo! boo! boo!), but it boils down to this: more density and more pedestrian amenities, both of which sound like very good things to us. For example, they're talking about turning a barely-used parking lot into 65 units of housing; and about re-jiggering some bus routes so that they actually connect with the BART station. Oh, Muni, why weren't your buses already connecting with BART? Why do you make everything so hard? Muni, Muni, Muni.

Anyway, the process started back in 2003, and an ongoing study will consider how these neighborhood upgrades will affect air quality, traffic patterns, aesthetics, shadows, etc etc etc. It will cost eight hundred billion million trillion dollars and a hundred years to complete, and everyone will hate it and use the word "gentrification" to mean whatever they think it means. Because even though it's on the outskirts, Glen Park is still part of San Francisco.

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