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Yet More Love for 17th Street Plaza

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Yet another study has shown that the new plaza at 17th and Castro is A Very Good Thing. The SF Great Streets Project has compiled a report in PDF (boo!) that shows, among other things, that people spend much more time there now, and a lot of folks want the plaza to get bigger.

YES. OBVIOUSLY. Is there anyone still acting all surprised when someone says "gee I really do enjoy having a nice sit-down." The fact is, there simply isn't anyone who doesn't love this plaza. Really -- we challenge you to find anyone opposed. Brittney Gilbert thought she spotted one last week but it was a false alarm.

The question remains, though: can we give it a nice name? According to a commenter, it's technically part of Harvey Milk Plaza, but the two plazas' layouts are so different that they really deserve unique names.

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