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Video Tribute to Castro Lovliness

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Streetsblog posted a lovely video tribute to the lovely new plaza at Castro and 17th. Lovely! Highlights of the video include Bevan Dufty's lament about the intersection being way too complicated before the installation of a calming plaza; and various planners describing hollow tubes, benches, and rights-of-way. And in case your interest was waning, two scantily-clad hunks pop up in there somewhere.

You know, people keep talking about this thing and saying "if this works..." and "if people like this," but WTF? What about this could not work? What about this could people not like? For crying out loud, this Sunday they're holding a free concert there -- this plaza is SO NICE. We can't wait for the next ones.

(Sidenote: just look at that grinning jackanape Gavin Newsom, flashing us his triumphant leer as if he personally erected the bollards! Oh brother.)

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