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Golden Gate Park Museums Cast as Odd Couple

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["California Academy of Sciences," by Peter Kaminsky]

In a recent Fast Company article, Ken Carbone compares the dueling personalities of The Academy of Sciences (inviting) and the de Young (imposing). Actually, the headline goes much further (maybe he didn't write the headline?): the Academy of "Life" and the de Young is "Lifeless." Zing!

Other architects have had similar things to say, though they've reached different conclusions. Randy Nishimura recently wrote that while the Academy looks outward and the de Young looks inward, he was surprised to find that he preferred the de Young, since it was more sculptural and authored. Is the de Young a museum that only an architect could love?

"The real winner is Golden Gate Park," Ken writes, "it provides a neutral DMZ between the two institutional combatants." Yes, all is quiet in the neutral zone ... until Renzo Piano finishes constructing his elaborate glass trebuchet.

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