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Google Makes Stalking Our Local Celebrities Easier

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Google maps just launched a nifty new mapping tool that tells you where your favorite local celebrities hang out. For San Francisco, the lists were compiled by Mayor Gavin Newsom, Alice Waters, Elizabeth Varnell, Gary Danko, Nate Valentine, Michael Mina, Stanlee Gatti, Grant Washburn, Greg Farrington, Kevin Rose, Nate Query, Laura Morton, and Tiffany Shlain. For instance, Nate Valentine, founder of Vintage 415, says PK Art & Floral Design on Pacific at Hyde is the "sweetest floral designer, she works with your budget and best interest in mind." And if you're interested in stalking Digg founder Kevin Rose, get a membership at Planet Granite, the "best indoor rock climbing in San Francisco." Most other major cities are covered, and the maps are international.
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