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Come and Get Your Millionaires

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Recession? What recession! Merrill Lynch and market research firm Claritas just released a report stating that the number of millionaire households across the nine-county Bay Area climbed to 136,120 last year, which is a 10.2 percent increase from 2007. Booyah! But a lot of fancy smancy people with titles like Director of the Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy (is that on his business card?) are calling BS. "It makes no sense," said Stephen Levy (he's the Director guy). "The last four months of 2008 were a complete disaster for wealth." The study defined millionaires as having "$1 million worth of investable assets." Squabble, squabble! In other news, studio apartment rentals in San Francisco are at an all-time high. Woo! [SF Gate]