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On the Market: Live Gloriously in Eureka Valley

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In this month's edition of Curbed SF Guest Blogger Sally Kuchar Gushes About Her Favorite Property For Sale we'll be covering 3373 21st Street, the 3-bed, 1-bath Victorian that local artists William Campbell and Frank Brown (who clearly had a knack for decorating) lived in for 5 decades. To say the house is impressive would be an understatement. The house was built in 1885 and is a picture perfect example of residential architecture of that time, so much that it was actually featured in the books "Then and Now" and "Painted Ladies: San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians." Since the property is located in the Dolores Heights Special Use District, we're betting changing anything interior or exterior wise is out of the question, or at least extremely time consuming, expensive, and basically not worth jumping through the hoops that are on fire while a tiger sits on the other side, waiting. The only real shortcoming is the lack of a second bathroom, but whatever, we don't mind that much. Clearly the absolutely mind-boggling art collection does not come with the property, but the architectural details would make a perfect backdrop to any buyer's art collection, small or large. And that wood-paneled dining room! Swoon! 1,700 square feet, $1,975,000 (sad face).
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