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On the Market: Your Own Piece of Billionaire's Row

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Attention Curbed kiddies: it's time to look under the sofa pillows for loose change, as 2950 Broadway has hit the market with a completely reasonable and obtainable asking price of $39,500,000. That's thirty nine million clams, folks. Chump change, right? But that's the price you have to pay to live on "Billionaire's Row," where your neighbors will be people like Trevor Traina, Peter Haus, Larry Ellison, and Gordon Getty. And it's not like the other houses in the neighborhood aren't going for insane amounts of cash. The house was designed in 1922 by San Francisco architect Fredrick H. Meyer, and is a 4-story, 6-bed, 5-full, and 2-half bath mega mansion that clocks in at a spacious 11,000 square feet. The house has all the bells, whistles, and lasers that you'd imagine it to have, like an outdoor pool (a rarity in SF residential real estate) and a goddamn 3,000-bottle capacity wine cellar. Check out the virtual tour here (and invite us over for dinner, mkay?).
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