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Plaza Still Pleasant, but What to Call it?

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No big surprise: the great new pedestrian plaza at Market and Castro has been extended for four more months. Well of course. Streetsblog reports "surprise and pleasure at how well the plaza is functioning" but who the hell is surprised that people would rather have a nice sit-down than dodge cars amongst baffling traffic lights?

The conversation is now turning to making the plaza permanent -- the plaza's still a bit plain, so it would be nice to see some more landscaping (maybe even a palm tree!!!), an extension to cover more of the roadway, and perhaps some more robust street furniture. Demolishing that gas station wouldn't be a bad move, either. And hey, does the plaza have a name yet? We oughta name it after someone. And by "someone," we mean "not Gavin."

· 17th Street Plaza Trial Extended Four Months [Streetsblog]