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That's Rather Colorful: No Paint Chip Left Behind

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Described as "stunningly unique," this 3-bed, 2-bath 2,200 square foot home just hit the market with a pretty decent asking price of $1,200,000 (that's $545 a square foot, people). The house just went through a heavy renovation, so let's take a virtual walk around it.

Clearly inspired by "Miami South Beach," the exterior boosts a colorful but subtle balance of pastels that work well with the plethora of palms that the current owners placed in the front yard. Step inside and you'll notice a few black walls in the living room. Now listen, folks, we're fans of the black wall phenomenon, so much that not only did we paint portions of our home office black, but we did the same to our bedroom. Our experience? If executed correctly, a black wall can be the best addition to a room. Moving on... various greens were used throughout the dining and living rooms, but once you step inside the remodeled kitchen you're all warmed up with beautiful cherry wood cabinets and gorgeous tiled walls. A bit funky, but fun to visit, right? Move upstairs via a questionable brushed metal and glass staircase and you'll see the diverse yet balanced color palette extends to the upstairs bedrooms. We're fans. Makes you want to paint a wall (or 12), right guys?
· 440 Teresita [Redfin]