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"Orange Alley" Rhymes With "Lovely Murals"

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Did you check out this weekend's party in Orange Alley? It sounds like it was a blast. BBQ foods, hosted by the Receiver art agency/gallery, with the walls declared open canvas space to all interested comers -- how could a weekend get any more San Francisco?

Orange Alley, if you're unfamiliar, is an interesting laboratory: as the theory goes, murals serve as a graffiti-deterrent, so filling an alley with murals will chase away the irritating kids with sharpies who want to get famous by writing down their cute little nicknames over and over like the entire city is their Trapper-Keeper. Will it work? Well, if nothing else, the alley looks much nicer. A street-view tour from before the art went up shows a lot of blah beige, and plenty of typically ugly graffiti. And now OA is become an exciting secret destination for art-lovers (of course it's on Facebook), so the added foot-traffic alone should keep out the undesirables. Only time will tell if it'll last.

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