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On the Market: High Tech in Noe Valley

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Want to be able to impress guests? Or at least try to? Then this 4-bed, 2.5-bath in Noe Valley might be right for you. Coming in at 2,212 square feet and $1,299,000, this condo recently went through a crazed remodel where all sorts of bells and whistles were added. Imagine this scenario: you walk into your friend's new place and he's like "hey let's watch some TV, hehehe." Not understanding what the big deal is, you inquire why he's chuckling. "LOOK!" he screams, as the less than interesting art above the fireplace starts to fold up to reveal a freakin' television underneath it!!!! High tech, people, it's what makes a condo a home. In addition to the living room, the open floor plan on the main level is home to a beige and black kitchen and dining room with cove lighting (??). Shuffle upstairs and the master bedroom is tricked out with all sorts of wacky finishes, especially a curved wall that's covered in what appears to be a metal wall finish. Everything else is what you'd expect from recently remodeled digs: zebra wood, brushed metal hardware, etc. The condo also has exclusive access to a private, landscaped yard, so you can do your nude sunbathing in peace.
· 168 Duncan [Redfin]