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Smile! Tiburon is Taking Your (Car's) Photo

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Tiburon: it's paranoid! The town is fixing to use grant funds to install cameras that will record the license plate number of every car that comes into town. Not a typo! "Some residents describe the plan as a commonsense way to thwart thieves, most of whom come from out of town. Others see an electronic border gate and worry that the project will only reinforce Tiburon's image of exclusivity and snootiness." There are only two roads that allow outsiders into Tiburon, so cops can point the cameras at every lane that lends into and out of the town. "The readers, which use character recognition software, can compare plates to databases of cars that have been stolen or linked to crimes, then immediately notify police of matches, said Police Chief Michael Cronin." The city promises that the information won't be available to the public and will be erased within 60 days. Does this freak anyone else out?
· Tiburon May Install License Plate Cameras [SF Gate]