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On the Market: Julia Morgan Masterpiece in Russian Hill

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Another fancy smancy prime piece of real estate has hit the market. This time, it's a 4-bed, 5-bath home in Russian Hill that can be yours for a small sum in the amount of $4,900,000. Chump change, right folks? Built in 1917 by Julia Morgan for Mrs. Horatio Livermore, this home has gone through a few owners and a few big renovations, especially a total renovation in 2005. The views are nothing short of spectacular, and as SocketSite notes, 20 of the 50 listing photos are just of the views. You'd get what you'd expect for $4.9M: private garden, decks, an elevator, 4-car garage, etc. The house sold in 2003 for $3M, so considering the remodel we're thinking it's an appropriate price tag. We're also betting that it won't sell for that price, not even close.
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