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Every Day I'm (Not) Hustling

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SF Weekly just ran an interesting story detailing a man by the name of "Dr." John Getzow. Getzow is a compulsive non-rent payer. In fact, he has been sued seven times by previous landlords. Last month the paper noticed that Landlord No. 8 had filed a suit against him. Getzow just decides to stop paying rent, and camped out in his room so that no one could serve him papers after he's been evicted. It got so bad that they actually had to have a stakeout to serve him. Understanding that Getzow had done this before and was a certified pro, the Landlord didn't even attempt to collect on the $4,500 he owed, and instead just focused on getting him off his property. "Oh, I doubt we'll see ever the money," said Susan Parkinson, who represented building owner James Lee. "I mean, he even came up to the building manager and said, 'When I get a job, I'll pay you back.'" [SF Weekly]