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Treehouse to be Augmented with Rocketship

We've wracked our brains, but we simply can't think of a better cause to which you could hope to donate money: building a giant, temporary, non-launching rocket ship in the Nevada desert. A group of bay area artists is seeking funds to construct the monument at this year's "Burning Man," a vacation spot popular among the more demonstrative of our local weirdos. They held fundraiser on Friday, and you can keep an eye on their progress on Flickr. You may remember this group's last project, the Steampunk Treehouse, constructed for a residential summer camp in 2007.
Once erected in the desert, the rocket will remain in place for a few days before being disassembled, transported back to the bay area, and erected in Union Square. Ha ha ha, just kidding! It would be cool if we ever actually saw it here in town, but who knows if that'll ever happen.