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Green Living in Hayward

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Hayward's up and decided to enter the green development game and build themselves a practically car-free housing development. The land, a former quarry near Cal State East Bay, is owned by Caltrains. Caltrans originally purchased the property with the intention of building a freeway extension there, but they recently scrapped the project. Selling it would be ideal. According to Sherman Lewis, who is the man behind the project, 1,000 garage-free units are proposed. Residents can pay separately for one of the 100 parking spaces. Residents would also receive perks like transit passes, and there'd be a grocery store (amongst other things) in the village square. Additionally, a shuttle that would ferry passengers to the campus and the Hayward BART station, which is 1 1/2 miles away. Foreseeable problems include the lack of a closer public transit station, that Lewis is not funding this project himself, and that real estate investors have a tendency to not partake in unconventional propositions.
· 1,000 units, near car-free, planned in Hayward [SF Gate]