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That's Rather Lovely: Pastels in the Richmond

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And how adorable is this "uniquely charming" cottage located at 31 21st Ave in the Richmond? Let us count the ways: Built in 1900, it has a brick lined driveway, period detailing, and white picket fence (swoon). And that's just the exterior. Step inside and you'll find original moulding, stained glass windows, and a pastel palette that makes us want to adopt a poodle and bake pies all day. This 1-bedroom, 2-bath single family home was listed 24 days ago for $1,550,000, but was just chopped to $1,295,000. Readers, help us out: which neighborhood do you think this piece of lovely resides in? We're defaulting to the Richmond, but what do you think? Are we right on? A quick Google and Yahoo maps search both resulted in "Lake."
· 31 21st Ave. [Redfin]