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SF's David Crane Re-Appointed to High-Speed Rail Board While Biden Dangles Stimulus Funds

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David Crane is a board member of the CA High-Speed Rail Commission; he's a Senior Advisor to A. Schwarzenegger, and he's from right here in the bay area. We like him so far! And apparently, so does Arnold, because he just re-appointed Mr. Crane to the board, on the heels of a meeting in DC with Ray LaHood (the guy with all the Recovery Act money for transportation projects). California is in a good position to get some of those dollars, since as you'll recall we voted last November to approve several billion dollars in bonds to start work on high-speed rail. So that means that now we can have a train! Well, it's not quite that simple -- it'll take many billion more to get work started -- but at least the wheels are in motion. In fact, to hear Joe Biden talk, the wheels are accelerated. But then again, everything probably looks like a fast-motion funhouse ride to wacky Joe Biden.
If you're the kind of person who wants to know more about all this, you can read the board's June report; if you're not, the report will put you to sleep before you can even finish clicking on that linkzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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