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Unveiling The Bond

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Yesterday Curbed got a sneak peek of the new Bond building that was unveiled last night. Jerry Brown showed up to do the official ribbon cutting, which was a real hoot because he used to live directly across the street and kept talking about how the neighborhood "used to be." Needless to say, he was very impressed with the building. The Bond is located at 311 2nd street, in the heart of Jack London Square. The main attractions of the building are the private and "urban" 4,000 square foot dog park, an exclusive water taxi, which is actually a 29' back cove yacht, an air-conditioned gym that's open 24-hours, garage, and on-site full-service concierges. The units themselves are industrial yet elegant, and spacious and airy (that's what you get with some units having 14'+ ceilings). More importantly: they're for lease, not sale. No official pricing just yet, but a little birdie told us the 3rd floor 2-bedroom 2-bathroom model unit we looked at might start at somewhere around $2295.