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Union Street Festival This Weekend

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Last year, the Union Street Festival added a whole bunch of eco-themed booths; and they're back again in 2009. In addition to arts & crafts (as if that wasn't enough!) the fair's booths will feature food from local restaurants and "bistro style cafes," which is another way of saying "cafe style bistros." All the information about the event is right there on their website -- but what's this? Much of it is in PDF? Aaaaaaaarrrrghhhh. Locking up your info in PDFs is like holding a street fair in a gated community. Oh, sure, you can get in, BUT YOU HAVE TO REALLY WANT IT. Fortunately the entertainment schedule is in regular old HTML, so we can tell you what to look forward to: performances by such luminaries as Tom Rigney, Fazz, and Billy Martini. If that last guy sounds to you like the kind of person who would have a website that autoplays music like a 12-year-old's MySpace, you are correct.
· San Francisco’s Union Street Eco-Urban Festival [SF Station]