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San Francisco Real Estate Blogs Are Not Necessarily About San Francisco Real Estate

New, 6 comments just named its favorite San Francisco real estate blogs. They're a good sampling, even though most of them are not actually about San Francisco. Among them are blogs about Marin, Foster City, San Mateo, Marin again, San Carlos, and Foster City again. The Front Steps seems to be the only pick that's set right here in The Big City.

To be fair,'s press release switches back and forth between "SF" and "SF Bay Area," two terms that mean wildly different things. So much depends upon the words "Bay Area," glazed with rainwater beside the white chickens.

- The Front Steps from Alex Clark
- Marin Real Estate Guide from Ginger Wilcox
- Absolutely Foster City from Jim Minkey
- San Mateo Real Estate from Vicki Moore
- Living Well in San Mateo from Raymond Stoklosa, Rebecca Williamson, and Chris Williamson
- The White Oaks from Chuck Gillooley
- Marin County Real Estate from Mark Lomas

· Names San Francisco Bay Area's Best Real Estate Agent Blogs [Press Release]