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Local Palm Enthusiasts are Enthusiastic About Palms

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On Monday, we pined for a walking tour of prominent local palm trees. And you delivered! Or more specifically, Jason Dewees, palm broker to the stars, delivered. He emailed to let us know about this fancy Google map that details the locations of over sixty amazing trees. We know what we are doing this weekend! Mr. Dewees, you have us eating out of the palm of your hand.

Controversy erupted in our previous comment thread, with Doc turning up his nose at the Syagrus romanzoffiana species. Don't look now, Doc, but a romanzoffiana has popped up on Laidley Street! Here is a photograph! What a state of affairs! We think it looks nice.

Some may accuse us of being a bit over-excited about palm trees. To those people we say: you caught us red-handed -- or should we say, RED-PALMED!!!!!!!

And now, we must bid you a frond farewell.

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